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Executive Excellence provides custom built talent development and culture building workshops to meet the ever-changing and evolving needs of the most important commodity of the nonprofit sector—its people.
how WE DO it
We use a coaching inspired model to co-create opportunities for people to discover more about themselves and others within the workplace. We seek to hear from multiple stakeholders to gain perspectives and form cohesive and aligned goals as it relates to talent development needs.
What is the goal
Our goal is to reveal a creative through line in the work setting that connects the three P's - people, passion and productivity.  
What it might look like
Your story is unique, but here's a sampling of some sought-after workshop models that can be adapted to fit your needs. 
Leading with a Coaching Mindset and Model

Whether you are a team leader, director, or individual contributor, this is known to resonate with a multi-generational and diverse workforce. Learn how to apply coaching techniques to your day-to-day to gain clarity, build relationships, and tap into your influential leader capabilities.

Listening Levels

This is an interactive training on the importance of listening and how to do it well. Build awareness on the four levels of listening, understand which level you are operating from, and determine what's next as you improve this soft (yet hard!) skill.