What is Coaching?
Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-Provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

"Executive Excellence credits the Columbia Coaching Certification program, the International Coach Federation and the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching for the above definition of coaching."

How We Coach

Whether you are a team leader, director or individual contributor, coaching is an amazing tool to support growth, a smooth transition, build leadership, or redefine purpose and passion. We believe that people, contain within themselves, the answers they need. Coaching is simply a vehicle to success and breakthroughs. 

Our approach appeals to a multigenerational and diverse workforce by valuing and uncovering what people are thinking, feeling, seeing and hearing. We hold space for people and teams to tap into their knowing, by listening, asking questions, and creating a safe haven to explore new behaviors and strategies. 

At Executive Excellence, we follow the Columbia University Coaching process. This process involves three distinct phases.


"What's Up?"


"What Matters?"


"What Next?"

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Is there a problem, opportunity, or challenge you

or your team are trying to tackle head on?  

Become your best self.

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How Coaching Works

1 Take the Coachability Quiz 

2 Get matched with your ideal coach based on quiz results

3 Co-create a coaching cycle & the coaching period

4 Qualify and quantify 'a-ha' moments

5 Track progress and chart success with a confidential coaching log

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